The Easiest Digital Billboard Ads On The Planet

One click solutions.
No waits, no big fees, and no commitments. Generate revenue with your own screen.
One network to connect them all.

Until now, advertisers and screen owners have been stuck with the same problems for decades.

With screenshares, every individual person, charity, or business, has the same access to large digital screens as big budget advertisers do. Click a button and see your ad live within minutes, at live market prices, with complete control over all your ads.

If you’re a screen owner, then forget about dealing with expensive sales people, or fighting over access to advertisers. Plugging your screen into our network brings hands-off passive revenue to your screen without effort.

Here's how it works for advertisers

Step 1: Create Your Free Account.

Claim your 5$ of free advertising credits (Limited Time Only!)

Step 2: Create Your Campaign.

Create your campaign by:

  • Uploading your creative.
  • Choosing which screens to advertise on.
  • Choosing your schedule.
  • Choosing a budget, even just $50 per month if you like!
  • Choosing the method for analysing impressions: computer vision detection available.

Step 3: Claim Your Free Gift.

Take advantage of our limited time pre-launch offer:

  • Pre-load your account with $20 and, we'll top it up by an extra $200 for free.
  • That's a 10X value from day 1!

Step 4: Go Live!

Reach your targeted audience, live on the big screen!

Here's how it works for screen owners

Step 1

Create your free account.

Step 2: Connect

Connect to the network by:

  • Loading the webapp on your screen.
  • Sharing some info about the screen; size, location, traffic etc.

Step 3: Preferences

Set your Preferences:

  • Choose what kind of content you want advertised on your screen.
  • Choose what kind of content you don't want advertised on your screen.
  • Optionlly connect a webcam to attract advertisers interested in computer vision impression analysis.

Step 4: Revenue

We transfer funds from advertisers directly to your account. Use our reporting analytics to display your earnings.

The screenshares platform

The screenshares platform connects screen owners with people who have a message to promote. Screen owners simply plug into the network, and users pay live market rates to advertise. Any digital screen becomes a source of revenue. Advertising on indoor or outdoor digital screens has never been easier. The market determines the price, not suits in a boardroom.