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Digital-out-of-home today is costly, cumbersome, and time-consuming.

Forget about dealing with media agencies, commercial landlords, and expensive hardware. Bitscreen empowers anyone to turn any regular screen and webcam into a revenue-generating asset.

With bitscreen, advertisers can deploy campaigns to thousands of screens worldwide and instantly see analytics results powered by computer vision.

Here's how it works

Step 1

Screen operators create an account and visit the bitscreen webapp to signal their screen is available for advertising, choosing which kind of ads are allowed to run.

Screen operators display their own ads while waiting for a campaign to start.

Step 2

Advertisers create a campaign based on their creative, date, location, demographics, and price.

Step 3

Campaign runs on chosen screens according to parameters chosen by advertiser and screen operator.

Computer vision data is collected and analysed.

Step 4

Screen operator makes direct extra revenue.

Advertisers save money on their advertising campaigns while reaching new demographics and collecting valuable performance data.

The bitscreen platform

The bitscreen web platform is where advertisers can easily deploy their DooH ad campaigns and where screen operators/owners can transform their screens into revenue-generating assets. bitscreen alpha out now, if you're a brand or a business owner who wants to monetize their screens, this is for you.

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